Isoprenol Process route

Isoprenol Process route

It is mainly used to synthesize pyrethroid pesticides with high efficiency and low toxicity, TPEG, vitamin E, vitamin A and citral, which are raw materials of Polycarboxylic Water reducer.

At present, the main synthetic processes of isoprenol are as follows:

(1) The synthesis process of isobutene and formaldehyde through Prins reaction condensation and isomerization is carried out under the conditions of ultra-high temperature and ultra-high pressure, which is an unfriendly process in terms of safety and energy consumption.

(2) Esterification of isoprene carboxylic ester is prepared by esterification and hydrolysis of isoprene and carboxylic ester. This process has a mild reaction, but it produces a large number of wastes, which is an environmentally unfriendly process.

(3) Hydrogenation of isoprenaldehyde, which is mainly restricted by the source of raw materials, is difficult to be industrialized on a large scale.

(4) The synthesis of isoprenol from acetone and acetylene by acetylation, hydrogenation and isomerization. The reaction conditions are mild and the operation is simple.

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